Jesus M. Chamizo

Linked to the arts from an early age, Chamizo studied in several schools of photography between 1977 and 1980. And it was in 1980 when he inaugurated his first exhibition.
Jesus Chamizo has found new forms of expression, space and a different dimension through his research in different photographic areas as well as in the combination of concept, technology and creativity.

Chamizo has been awarded numerous national and international prizes such as Sun, Cannes, Lux, FIAP, Epica, N. York Festival.
The most recent awards are 7 prizes in the «INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2018 AND 2019» In the «Architecture» and «Fine Arts» categories, with «Glass Memories», «Geometrical» and «Theaters 1″series.


My concern is to reflect the footprint that humans leave in their environment, and how that environment influences him in the perception of what apparently present but while transporting us to a moment that may be part of the immediate past or nearest future.
Spaces man builds, lives, which is integrated as influence each other are the three basic pillars that my photography is centered.

In architecture, always present in human history and has just become his hallmark.

In the landscape, space required and influential in the history of man, but man cares and abuses alike.

And in the inner reflection that both spaces provoke us, trying to seek and find a balance that seems necessary to achieve its sustainability.

Awards / Exhibitions

Lux Silver/Still life
Le?n Cannes Gold Grafic
Sol Oro Gr?fica
New york Festival
Santiago/Cultura Field
Ubeda / Hospital de Santiago
Lux Bronze/Landscape
Showroom Villanueva
Lux Gold Prize/ Industrial
Efti /Colective Exhibition
E8 Galer?a / Madrid Exhibition «Series»
First Prize?La Rioja and wine?
Saatchi Art / Online Gallery «Series»
Concepto DR Ppe. de Vergara/ Madrid Exhibition, «Stairs»and «Buildreams»
Gran V?a 27/ Madrid Exhibition «Palacios Tribute»
Ibermaison Marbella Exhibition-Series
DR Castell?/ Madrid Exhibition, «Buildreams»
DR Principe de Vergara/ Madrid Exhibition, «Buildreams»
Tienda 42 / Madrid Exhibition, «Metalics»
Casa Decor / Madrid Exhibition, «Series»
Rugiano / Madrid Exhibition, «Series»
Showroom Retiro/ Madrid Exhibition, «Series»
Galer?a Larban /Florida Exhibition, «Palacios Tribute», «Series»
4D Arty / Madrid Exhibition, «Stairs»
Madrid Exhibition in Club Financiero G?nova /Wecollect Club
Chicago Arquitecture Bienal / Exhibition in Cervantes Institute
New York / Exhibition in Cervantes Institute
Exhibition in Arte Abierto-Casadecor/Madrid
Mallorca-Porto Pi / Exhibition in Flecha Gallery-Series
3 Gold and 2 Silver Medals / International Photography Latin Awards
Bronze Prize / International Photography Awards by «Geometrical»
Madrid / Exhibition in Ror Art Gallery-Series
Bronze / Architecture ND Awards by «Glass Memories»
Honorable Mention / POLLUX Awards 2018, by ?Glass Memories?
3 Bronze Medals / Epson Pano Awards,»Transitting, Geiser and Buildreams»
Bronze Medal / ND Awards-Architecture by «Glass Memories»
Madrid / Exhibition in «One Shot Hotels» By Nagare Art Proyects-«Series»
Silver Medal / IPA Awards-Architecture-Other by «Theaters 1»
Madrid / Exhibition in «Kreisler Gallery» – PHOTOESPA?A 2019 FESTIVAL
Brussels/ Exhibition «Imagined Architecture» in «Noon Consulting Art»
Honorable Mention / TIFA Awards-Architecture by «Theaters 1»
Gold Medal / Epson pano Awards -Open Vertical Image by «Geometrical 3»
Silver Medal / Epson pano Awards -Open Built Environment,»Geometrical 3″
Silver Medal / Epson pano Awards -Open Category, «Glass Memories 6»
Honorable Mention / ND Awards-Architecture-Open by «Theaters 1»



– Winner: «Architecture Photographer of the Year» / IPA Awards 2020
– Oro / Arquitectura MIFA Awards 2020, por “From The Stage”
– Mención de Honor / Mifa Awards 2020, por “City Dolmens”
– Finalista / CIP FESTIVAL 2020, por “Geiser Tatio 3600”
– Finalista / Fundación Vila Casas 2020, por “From The Stage 3”
– Plata / PX3 Paris Photographie 2020, por “From The Stage”
– Mención de Honor / PX3 Paris 2020, por “Stahlraum”
– Mención de Honor / PX3 Paris 2020, por “The Essence”
– Plata / ONEEYELAND FINE ART 2020, por “Stahlraum”
– Bronce / ONEEYELAND FINE ART 2020, por “From The Stage”
– Plata/ PANO AWARDS 2020, Open “Stahlraum 10”
– Plata/ PANO AWARDS 2020, Open “Stahlraum 11”
– Bronce/ PANO AWARDS 2020, Open “On The Stage 2”
– Oro /Arquitectura Still Awards 2020, por “From The Stage
– Oro / Arquitectura IPA Awards 2020, por “From The Stage”
– Plata / Arquitectura BIFA Awards 2020, por “From The Stage”
– Bronce / Arquitectura BIFA Awards 2020, por “City Dolmens”
– Bronce / Fine Art BIFA Awards 2020, por “Stahlraum”
– Mención de Honor / ND Awards, por “Stahlaraum”
– Mención de Honor / ND Awards, por “From The Stage”


Brussels / Mhaata Gallery “Imagined Architecture”
Madrid / ART-MADRID Fair, “Series”
Budapest / PH 21 Gallery “Silence”
Madrid / PHOTOESPAÑA 2020 Poko Espacio Gallery “A Escena/Theaters”
Girona / Museo Fundación Vila Casas, “From The Stage 3”
Creta / Chania CIP FESTIVAL 2020, “Geiser Tatio 360”
Museo Virtual-Mundo Arti / Colectiva “Geometrical 3”

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